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Kopriva Angus

Raymond, SD

Welcome to Kopriva Angus.  We are located in northeastern South Dakota between the James River Valley and the Coteau Hills.  Our annual rainfall is 17 inches and the temperature varies from 100 degrees to 40 degrees below zero blended with snow and wind.  Our cattle must not only tolerate the weather extremes of the Northern Plains- they must thrive; and they must do it without pampering.  Our pastures are native grasses on land either too hilly, too rocky, or too wet too farm.

So take a look around, see what we’re all about, and then get in touch to see how Kopriva Angus help enhance your operation.

Spring Bull Sale

Thursday, May 2nd, 2024

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Questions? Give us a call:
Lee at 605-450-1546
Jim at 605-468-0003

We are believers in the highest level of livestock health and adhere strictly to a bio-security protocol to protect our herd and our customers.  We employ the BQA recommended techniques and utilize Zoetis products including modified live vaccines and Dectomax dewormers.  We utilize the Select Vac program in the spring and at preweaning, along with Bangs vaccinating our heifers during the pre-weaning vaccinations.   In order to record and maintain accurate records we use numerical freeze branding and South Dakota registered hot iron brands. 

More About Kopriva

We have voluntarily participated in the South Dakota Johnes program since 2006. Eventually the program got more and more complicated and we now blood test every bull and pregnant cow over 36 months of age, every year. We also test every bull in our sale for persistent BVD. These efforts give our customers the confidence that they are buying and bring home clean animals that have never been exposed to a sale barn. 

Our bulls are all put thru a breeding soundness exam administered by Midwest Veterinary Service of Clark and upon satisfactorily passing given the “bull package” vaccinations which include a killed viral booster, autogenous pink eye, and foot rot.  We then give the bulls one more foot rot booster and a magnet…we treat the bulls we sell exactly the same as the bulls we keep or buy for our own use….its just the right thing to do.

Finally we employ AngusGS genetic testing to improve the accuracy of the EPD’s. With this technology the actual data collected with the scale becomes more accurate making yearling bulls and heifers EPD’s 7x times more accurate.

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Kopriva Angus

41577 169th St
Raymond, South Dakota
(605) 450-1546

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